SASAHARA KANAGATA is Japanese tools & die maker, design and manufacturing, for automotive metal stamping. Our global network spreads to China, Korea, and Indonesia, as specializing in transfer dies with great experience of high-tensile strength steel and aluminum.


Message | About Us | SASAHARA KANAGATA

Message | About Us | SASAHARA KANAGATA

“Tools & Die Manufacturing with High Reproducibility”

We, SASAHARA, has always foreseen the future of automotive tools & die industry and, by eliminating hand works as much as possible, established our own way of manufacturing with high reproducibility. We have capabilities for large-sized structural parts with specialized in materials such as ultra high tensile strength steel and aluminum, which are increasingly applied to the automotive body parts. As we are adopting with the needs of the industry which dramatically continues to progress, we have built trust with our customers.

Furthermore, as following to the recent development of automotive industry which has actively entered the markets in Asia, we have expanded our business to China, Korea, and Indonesia to meet local needs. We closely back up each location through regular exchange activities such as technical assistance and training. And now, every location offers equal to Japanese quality. With such our great capabilities and experiences, we have become a global player in automotive industry. We, as an entire group of SASAHARA, keep working with passion to improve our technology. “Tools & Die Manufacturing with High Reproducibility,” this is the core of our manufacturing.

We provide our customer with full satisfaction in terms of quality, cost and lead-time, and this leads also employee satisfaction. We believe that, by developing this relationship continuously, we achieve further growth and contribution to the society. For that, we keep our aggressive approach for further business expansion.



President Yusuke Sasahara

Yusuke Sasahara