SASAHARA KANAGATA is Japanese tools & die maker, design and manufacturing, for automotive metal stamping. Our global network spreads to China, Korea, and Indonesia, as specializing in transfer dies with great experience of high-tensile strength steel and aluminum.




What we do and what we can do with SASAHARAWhat we do and what we can do with SASAHARA

This is workflow of our manufacturing system.

This is workflow of our manufacturing system.

Global Sales 

Our customers are main automotive parts suppliers around the world as well as in Japan. We participate in exhibitions both domestic and international every year, such as in Germany, and expand our presence to satisfy global needs.

Project kicked-offProject kicked-off

We perform simulation not only for formability analysis but also for process planning. With our high precision simulation, we find out and eliminate any kind of concerns at the early stage.



Design NC Data 

According to the result of simulation analysis, we develop die design speedily and precisely with the latest 2D/3D CAD system. And then, we prepare NC data with 2D/3D CAM system, which is required for machining.



Machining Assembly 

Our machining technology is highly-evaluated worldwide with its precision and a wide range of our capabilities. Such as machining center developed in-house and latest simultaneous 5-Axis machining center have been installed, and we always lead the industry.




After assembly, finished dies have to go through tryout to check if they fit with the accuracy required to simulate mass production. We have such as 1000t tryout press and interference test stand which bring us capability especially for large-sized parts.



Quality Control 

Our advanced know-how, accumulated through tryouts, enables us to carry out quality control thoroughly. We measure stamping parts with 3D non-contact scanner and make analysis for further quality improvement.


Employee BenefitsEmployee Benefits

  • Company DormitoryCompany Dormitory

    Company Dormitory

    It’s located within a minute walk from the office, and there are daily necessities provided in a room.

  • Company HousingCompany Housing

    Company Housing

    It’s located within 5-minutes from the office by car, and you can stay with your family.

  • RecreationRecreation


    A lot of recreational activities run such as bowling tournament, golf competition, and sea-fishing.

  • Company RetreatCompany Retreat

    Company Retreat

    Annual company trip is organized for the purpose of fellowship and refreshment.


Sasahara is always looking for talented and skilled designers, tool and die makers, and machine operators.
Feel free to contact us at any time.
Factory tour is always welcome.

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